Two Storybooks


English Adventures

with Max and Liz

Two new storybooks monthly detailing the fun-filled adventures of Max and Liz are provided to demonstrate practical usage of each theme's vocabulary. 

Written by Christopher Dolman, Illustrated by Lulu Lam

Story 19

"The Missing Sock​"

Dad needs to get to work, but he only has one sock! Everyone has to look for the missing clothing, but where could it be?

Story 20

"A Warm Feeling"

 It's a cold winter's day when Liz and Mom meet a homeless man with very little. How can a little girl help?



What's in the stories in this month?

Story 15

"Max's Day Out"

Max thinks Hong Kong is boring. Can Dad show Max how fun and interesting the city is? 

Story 16

"Tea for Two"

Liz is lost in London. She meets a strange old lady, but will she be able to find her mom again?



Story 13

"Falling into Fall"

Liz is learning all about the season at school. The class works together but something goes wrong!

Story 14

"Wear Sunscreen"

Max, Liz, Mom and Dad go to the beach. Everyone is having fun until someone forgets to wear sunscreen!



Story 17

"Bed Bugs​"

Max is feeling mischievous and is up to no good! What does he do and how will his family react?

Story 18

"Liz's Pet Rock"

Liz and Zac catch a bug. Mom doesn't want a bug in the house so what will Liz do next?



Story 5

"The Big Race"

Today there is a big race. Do you know who will win?

Story 6

"That's Mine"

This is Max's birthday. But he does not want to share the cake with others. What will happen?



Story 11

"Lucky on the Run"

Max, Liz, Mom, Dad, and Lucky their puppy find the farmer. Liz runs towards the chick, and drops Lucky's leash. Lucky runs off.

"Oh no!" shouts Liz. "Quick, grab Lucky!"

What will be happen?

Story 12

"The Boy who Cried Snake"

"I won't tell lies anymore." Says Max.

What did Max do when

he is in the strawberries field?

Why did he cry snakes?



Story 7

"Christmas Time is Family Time"

Christmas time is family time, but Max wants to play with his friends more.

Will he join the family activities at last?

Story 8

"A Magical Visitor"

In a land far away, there is a boy and girl. They live in a small house and have very little. It is Christmas Eve, but the children don’t have any presents. All they have is a small tree with one ornament...

Story 9

"A Special Breakfast"

It is Mother's Day. Max and Liz wake up early. They go downstairs quietly and want to make Mom the best breakfast ever. 

Story 10

"A Lesson is Served"

Max, Liz, Mom, and Dad are at a restaurant. The waiter comes to the table and Mom orders food from the menu. Max is being naughty and does something really bad. 







Story 3

"Big Job, Little Paws"

Max and Liz go to the pet shop. Will Mom let them buy a pet?

Story 4

"The Zoo Trip"

Max goes to the zoo with his class. What will he and his friends get up to?



Story 1

"Liz Finds Her Voice"

It is the first day of school, but Liz is very worried. How does her friend, Zac help?

Story 2

"Alone on the Playground"

It is recess time, Liz goes out to the playground but no one wants to play with her. She is alone.

How does her friend, Zac,




How can I do reading with my child? 

Look at the page and talk about

what you see.



Your child can try to read the

sentences in ‘Young Readers’.

Ask your child the story check questions at the end of the book. 

"Young Readers" are included on every page of the storybooks. These are specifically designed to use very simple sentences, with only one or two syllable words. With the "Younger Readers" section, junior readers learn to read aloud and build their confidence. It is a great start to reading stories on their own!

Bring home a surprise for your child today!


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